Peter in Michigan

So I just finished a day in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Michigan is a great place (probably better in summer when its warmer) but the natural marsh areas are pretty great.  I spent today at Norman Camera, a really nice camera store that is in both Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids.  I taught two basic/intermediate portrait classes here.  This class consists of the basic elements and techniques of a great portrait.  You don't have to have expensive lights to create an effective portrait.  These images were created with a simple tungsten constant light and a parabolic, a very inexpensive setup.  The model here is a man named Peter.  He is the coolest, non-techy old man you will every find.  He thinks usb flash drives are called "chip computers"!  I was able to photograph him during the class.  We only had about 15 minutes to photograph Peter.  This was a hands-on way of demonstrating lighting patterns and some posing.  He was a really great model.  I hope you enjoy the result!

Peter LaBarre    ©2014  Ryan Brown